About Me

Welcome to My Fitness Blog!

I’m coach Christina and I’m so excited you clicked on my link to learn more about me!

I’m a wife to my husband David and we have been married for 18 years.  He is the driving force behind my dreams and the #1 reason I have been able to become a full time online fitness coach!

I’m a busy mom of 3 kiddos.  Drake, Hunter & Teal.  They keep me super busy with year around sports.  Football, Soccer, Dance, 4H, Basketball, Spring Soccer & Lacrosse!  They are the heart of my business…everything I do I do for them!

I was a preschool teacher for 11 years…before I took the leap of faith and decided my passion was to pay it forward by coaching and it was the best decision I ever made!

I was diagnosed with functioning scrolosis and had 3 bulging discs. It hurt to walk, run even move. I came to a point in my life…where I said enough was enough…I was going to reclaim my life.. No matter what!

I first began with an outdoor exercise group…but with my kids busy schedules it was hard to fit in. I knew I was committed and willing to do what it took to be successful after all my family was depending on my journey…they wanted their mom to run & play with them.

I met a wonderful Beachbody coach…she helped me pick the perfect IN HOME program that I could do in the privacy of my living room…around my family’s busy schedule and I was instantly in love. I spent the next 90 days doing a program called Chalean Extreme. I began to strengthen my back and build my confidence. Day by day of NEVER GIVING UP…I got stronger & stronger!

I was added to an accountability group right on Facebook and I checked in daily with ladies having the same struggles and journey as me! Today they are some of my closest friends! 4 years later I’m stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my entire life. So much so…that I became a coach myself… My passion has always been to pay it forward… I know there are women & busy moms out there just like me that need help & Support. So I pay it forward each day by inspiring and motivation in them to join me.

4 years ago…. when I had said enough was enough.. I needed to take action. I was introduced to Shakeology. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to drink a shake if it helped me lose weight and give me the added energy I needed to chase after my kids.

At the time that I started my journey…I was 35 lbs over weight, on pain killers, anti depressants, anxiety pills & sleeping pills. Within 1 month of having a shake for breakfast…I lost 10 lbs! I had more energy than I had ever felt in my entire life. After 6 months of consistently drinking it EVERY SINGLE DAY… I was able to go off all my medication!

For 4 years I have consistently drank a shake each day… it has balanced my hormones…maintained my 35 lb weight loss and I haven’t been sick at all. Today my entire family drinks it! Keeps my kiddos from getting sick & has helped my husband lose 45lbs.. AND we are healthy and happy.

Here i am….4 years ago and who i am today.

I share this openingly for the mom out there that i hope to inspire…that i want to encourage to gain belief back into herself.
To the woman who struggles with self doubt, depression, no belief….You know that woman who you would never know her struggle because she leads an image of a strong woman….

This post, blog and journey is for you. Today I am thankful for my struggle. ..because without it….I wouldn’t have found my strength!

The woman on the right…was lost…sad…broken…and thought she was unrepairable beyond means. She had let herself go…put herself on the back burner…thinking she was putting her family first.

But in reality she wasn’t. She was diagnosed with functioning scrolosis and told she would live in chronic pain the rest of her life. Doctors told her to self medicate. She couldn’t walk, run or hike with her kids. They were sad…they wanted to do things with their mom. She struggled with self doubt… belief…courage….depression…but in the end she needed to do something… anything than the dark path she was on.

The girl on the left…set a date. She made a plan and she reached out to her coach. She bought a program…told herself she would give herself 21 days….and if this failed…she was done!

She used the private group to give her support and motivation. She talked and reached out to her coach daily. She became strong…she began to believe again…and she trusted the process! Through 2 rounds of the 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Extreme, consistently drinking Shakeology EVERY DAY….she NEVER GAVE UP…gained strength, lost 35 lbs and became HAPPY on the INSIDE!

And you know what? She never looked back. She strived for progress every day…she had faith for the first time in a long time…and she regained belief in herself! I know you have tried everything in the book….and most likely it has failed. But you didn’t have a coach to lift you up…to tell you it’s going to be ok….just keep going…try this…don’t do this. You didn’t have the support group…to give you great recipes…the push…the encouragement.

Yes it’s an investment….an investment to YOURSELF …Are you NOT WORTH IT?

I think EVERY MOM is worth it! WE do so much for everyone else….WHY NOT US?

Just think… wouldn’t it be worth it… To look in the mirror and smile? To run & play with your kids and family? To know you have friends struggling beside u…yet reaching the same goals as you? To know your improving ur health and will be here in the future? To believe again in yourself? To be HAPPY?

IF your worth it…if your ready…. I am holding out my hand to help you….to lift u up…to walk beside you in the journey. There will NEVER be the right time….you have to make the time…the commitment…and I will do all I can to make sure you succeed. Are you ready…to look in the mirror and smile? Are you ready to be WORTH IT?